Safe job procedures provide specific step-by-step information to employees and outline how to conduct a particular task or operate equipment in a safe manner. In addition to specific sections of the Workplace Safety & Health Regulation, Part 2.1 requires employers to:


      ~Develop and implement procedures for the work that is done at the workplace;

     ~ Train workers in the procedures; and 

      ~Ensure that workers comply with the developed procedures.

Safe work practices are ways of controlling hazards and doing jobs with a minimum of risk to people and property. Safe work practices are generalized statements of what you should or should not do in order to do a job or task safety. Safe work practices are a great topic for toolbox talks, as they serve as good reminders of the ‘right’ way to do things. Management must understand and fully endorse these safe work practices and ensure that:


      ~Safe work practices are in writing 

      ~All employees understand the safe work practices that apply to them 

      ~All equipment and management support to permit compliance are available 

      ~Supervisors ensure that all safe work practices are followed

We can help create new safe job procedures and safe work practices or update your existing ones.